​Welcome to the ASE Alumni Family!

ASE Alumni Association Aims

1) Establish our alumni base: we aim to build a close-knitted community of graduates, undergraduates as well as Faculty from ASE/EOS.

2) Connect beyond the ASE community: we aim to connect with other Alumni communities, industry partners and research centres, providing more opportunities for AA members to tap into a diverse pool of skills and expertise (both within and beyond the field of earth science) 

3) Impact the wider community: We desire to contribute to our local community through various means, such as volunteer activities and raising public awareness on environment-related issues.

Official NTU website for the ASE Alumni Association


Micro-networks in ASE AA

A wide range of career options lie before the ASE graduates. The ASE Alumni Association split their members into industry-based micro-networks to

(1) maximise the quality of networking and

(2) streamline communication.  

Undergraduates and Postgraduates join the relevant micro-networks upon graduation, and will be transferred across micro-networks whenever relevant (e.g. after a career switch). 

ASE AA Micro-networks

Environment & Environmental Consulting
Academic Research & Education
Geoscience Consultancy
Corporate Sustainability & Governance
Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology
Public & Civil Service