Overseas Entrepreneurship Programme (12-month)

Course Code: ES4004
Course Description:
The programme aims to give entrepreneurially-inclined students opportunities to intern in overseas start-ups so as to expose you to an overseas start-up ecosystem. It is hoped that this experience would encourage you to start your own entrepreneurial ventures, and in the process, create a new engine of growth for Singapore in the new “economic order”. Every returning student has to fulfil the obligation of submitting a business proposal and this could be the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey. This programme encompasses an internship at an overseas start-up company (through NTUitive). You can choose to incorporate an overseas exchange (through OGEM). It has been implemented in the UK, USA and China with the longer term plan of expanding it to other countries in Europe and to Israel.
AU: 20AU
Year Taken: Year 3 or 4
Next Offered: Sem 1
Prerequisite: 20 AUs (10 AUs Major PE + 10 AUs UE)