Relativity and Quantum Physics

Course Code: PH1107
Course Description:
This course introduces fundamental concepts of special relativity, quantum physics and some basic applications. Special Relativity - Michelson-Morley experiment; Einstein’s postulates; time and causality; Lorentz transformation; world-lines & space-time diagrams; Doppler effect; relativistic momentum and energy; mass energy equivalence. Quantum Physics - Planck’s postulate; Photoelectric effect; photons; Compton scattering; wave particle duality; electron diffraction; de Broglie waves; Bohr’s atom and its limitations; Schrödinger’s Equation; Born’s interpretation of wave functions; Uncertainty Principle; Infinite square well; Tunneling; Schrödinger’s analysis of hydrogen atom; Wave functions of Hydrogen Atom; Atomic structure; Electron spin; Quantum numbers; Pauli’s Exclusion principle; Many-electron atoms; Photomultipliers; scanning electron microscope; scanning tunneling microscope. Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity – radioactive decay; binding energy; activities and half- lives; fission and fusion; radiation doses
Year Taken: Year 1 or 2
Next Offered: Sem 2
Prerequisite: A or H2 Physics and Maths; Not available to: Students who have taken/are taking PH1101, PAP111, CY1307