Research & Internship

Research and Internship
Undergraduates in the Environmental Earth Systems Science major have the opportunity to conduct a Final Year Research Project or Industrial Attachment during their final year of study. Both of these programmes (by application only) can be taken instead of electives within the major.
Undergraduate research is a valuable opportunity to conduct a project in collaboration with a faculty member. This type of research project will give you the opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge that you have gained during your course of study. Some students may conduct work in the field and analyse the results, while others might be more excited about a project that uses computational data analysis or work in an Earth science laboratory at NTU. In collaboration with faculty from ASE, and even with paired faculty advisors from two or more departments, you can develop your own research project that reflects your interests and strengths as a student, or you can choose to apply to a research project that a faculty member has proposed. By the end of your Final Year Research Project you will produce a research report in the format of a professional journal, and will produce a research poster that you will present at the Undergraduate Research Symposium. Students with exceptional research projects may present their results in professional conferences or gain authorship on a peer-reviewed journal article.
Industrial attachments are a great opportunity to get some real-world experience in a field that interests you. ASE has worked to make connections to a wide range of employers in Singapore. If you choose to complete an Industrial Attachment, you will complete a 10 or 20-week internship with the company you have been matched with. The Industrial Attachment can be a valuable opportunity to make connections with possible employers, and can make you a more desirable candidate on the job market. Students who complete the Industrial Attachment will also complete a final report and poster presentation about their internship that will qualify them for honours.
There are a limited number of positions available for Final Year Research Projects and Industrial Attachments, and the number of positions changes yearly depending on availability. You may also approach a faculty member if you have specific interest in developing a research project in collaboration with them.