Field Programmes

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Introductory fieldcourse - rice paddy in Bali_square
Introductory fieldcourse - rice paddy in Bali
Work in the field is a key part of undergraduate studies in Environmental Earth Systems Science. While many students who study Environmental Earth Systems Science may not pursue field based careers, our belief is that field studies provide an understanding of the Earth and environment that cannot be gained from classroom studies alone. Studies in the field give students the opportunity to connect concepts they’ve learned in the classroom with the real world, to learn the cutting-edge techniques used in scientific research, and to engage with the world around them. Field studies also offer a unique opportunity to connect with faculty and fellow students in a collaborative and fun environment.

All students in the undergraduate major participate in the Introductory Field Experience course offered after the first year of study. This course takes place in Bali, Indonesia, and is a 2 week intensive study experience. During this course students conduct various projects in the “natural laboratory”, and collect data that they later analyse in the Computational Earth Systems Science course in Year 2 of the programme.

Later field experiences vary based on specialisation. Students studying ecology take Introduction to Field Ecology after their third year and a new course in Advanced Field Ecology is will be offered from 2018. Students studying geosciences take both Introduction to Geological Field Mapping (2 weeks following their second year) and Advanced Field Course in Geology (4 weeks following their third year), in addition to several shorter class related field trips. These trips take place in various locations in Southeast Asia and beyond.   

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