Petroleum Geology

Course Code: ES3101
Course Description:
This course aims to give you an understanding of petroleum products and systems. By bringing the tools of structural geology, sedimentology, micropaleontology, field geology, and stratigraphy to the study of petroleum reserves, you will become acquainted with the importance of geology in the hydrocarbon exploration and the drilling process. In addition, you will be offered the opportunity to become Student Members of the South East Asia Petroleum Exploration Society and attend the bi-monthly meetings in Singapore, where you are encouraged to network with petroleum professionals and discuss internships and career prospects. As a result, you will not only gain knowledge in the field of petroleum, but also have increased career opportunities as a petroleum professional.
Year Taken: Year 3
Next Offered: Sem 1
Prerequisite: ES2002, ES2004
Lecturer: Sylvain RIGAUD
Office Location: N2-01b-30
Years Offered:
AY 2016 - 2017