Microbes on Natural Ecosystems

Course Code: ES2304
Course Description:
This course will explore how microbes play key roles in nutrient cycling and how they support the complex ecosystems we find in our biosphere. Initial lectures will focus on the fundamentals of microbiology in order to provide the required foundations to all students. The follow up lectures and group activities will cover microorganisms in their major habitats (e.g. soil, oceans), how they support the existence of all life forms, their role in fundamental elemental cycles (e.g. carbon cycle), how they affect and will be affected by climate change, including microbial production and consumption of greenhouse gases. Global change microbiology is a growing research field on microbial responses to global climate changes. The aim of this course is to offer our ASE students the essential and most up to date knowledge in microbiology and microbial ecology. It will also provide the tools to evaluate and correlate the scientific information learned with the modern challenges our environment is facing. 
Semester Offered: Semester 1
Pre-requisite: BS1001

No of AU: 3

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Course coordinator: Assistant Professor Adriana Lopes dos Santos

Email[email protected]

Office Location: N2-01c-70