Course Code: PH1104
Course Description:
This course introduces fundamental concepts of mechanics. Fundamental quantities of nature. Systems in equilibrium, in motion with constant acceleration and non-constant acceleration. Frames of reference and Galilean Relativity. Linear Motion - Newton’s three laws of motion; forces, linear momentum, impulse, work done, kinetic energy, potential energy, torque and pressure; conservation laws; collisions; systems with variable masses; rockets. Force fields - gravitation; concept of field; conservative fields; Gauss’ law; superposition. Rotational motion - Orbits & Kepler’s laws; angular speed and momentum; moment of inertia; rotational dynamics; parallel and perpendicular axes theorems; kinetic energy; gyroscope
Year Taken: Year 1 or 2
Next Offered: Sem 1
Prerequisite: A or H2 Physics and Maths; Not available to: Students who have taken/are taking PH1011, PH1012, PH1101, PAP111, PH1801, PAP181, PHYS1A, CY1301, CY1305