Second Major in Entrepreneurship

Students admitted into this course will build a strong background in quantitative environmental earth systems science (EESS) and statistics, algorithms, and entrepreneurship.

This Second Major in Entrepreneurship (SMiE) programme equips students with fundamental entrepreneurship competency and broaden their understanding in enterprise and innovation. It also inculcates students with an entrepreneurial mindset to deal with uncertainties in a VUCA* world and be the drivers of technology innovation. Students are provided with hands-on experiences in technopreneurship, along with a 20-week relevant overseas/local internship opportunities. The courses for the Second Major are offered by the NTU Entrepreneurship Academy (NTUpreneur) and the Nanyang Business School.

With this, students will have the opportunity to expand their network and be part of the entrepreneurship ecosystem, seizing the opportunities from new technologies and placing emphasis on technopreneurship.

* Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity

To be awarded the Second Major in Entrepreneurship, students are required to complete:

  • Compulsory Courses (12 AU)
  • Elective courses (at least 13 AU)
  • Compulsory Experiential Programme (10 AU)
Course TitleAUCourse Type
Compulsory Courses (12 AU)
ET5211 Entrepreneurial Mindset and Technology Innovation3BDE
ET5212 Entrepreneurial Ecosystems3
ET5213 Managing New Ventures3
ET5214 Financing Entrepreneurial Ventures 3
Elective Courses (at least 13 AU)
ET5134 Enterprise Strategy3BDE
ET5122 E-Startups & Social Media Strategies3
BU5503 Innovation Marketing3
BU5302 Law of Intellectual Property & New Media3
ET5135 Business Venture Implementation3
ET5215 Entrepreneurial Business Development3
ET5216 Venture Capital Investment and Practices4
ET5217 Design and Systems Thinking for Entrepreneurs4
ET5218 Innovation and Commercialization of Technologies3
AB0603 Social Entrepreneurship3

Compulsory Experiential Programme (10 AU)

20-week internship with organizations, including start-ups, venture capital firms, entrepreneurship support organizations, and innovation setups in corporations.

ES4003 Professional Internship10ICC Foundational Core
ES4006 Overseas Entrepreneurship Programme (OEP) 10


The full curriculum can be found here.

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