GIS and the Earth System


Course Code: ES2802


In this course, you will become familiar with Geographic Information Systems (GIS). You will be able to navigate within the ArcGIS, import and export datasets, change the reference frame, create maps, use simple scripts, and search online to find and adjust GIS workflows within the context of Earth systems science. You will also learn how to generate 3D models using photogrammetry using the software Agisoft Photoscan, and how to export the data from those models into ArcGIS.

Year Taken: Year 2
Next Offered: Sem 1
Prerequisite: ES1003, Pre or Co-requisite: ES2001
Course instructor: Assistant Professor Judith Hubbard
Office Location: N2-01a-09
Course instructor: Dr Kyle Bradley, Lecturer
Office Location: N2-01c-75