Introduction to Natural Hazards

Course Code: ES2801
Course Description:
This is an introductory course designed for those across all specialisations. It will complement student’s learning in E2S2 courses and the Introductory field experience in Bali. As it is an introductory course, the aim is to provide background understanding for the students to build upon in later or concurrent courses. Students will learn about a number of different natural hazards, their geological or geographic setting, the physical processes that create the hazard, their potential impacts and how or if the impacts can be mitigated. Students will also carry individual studies of key hazardous sites and events. This course will give students an insight into hazard and risk assessment and a thorough understanding of the natural hazards threatening humans.
Year Taken: Year 2

Next Offered: Semester 2

Course OBTL



Lecturer: Susanna JENKINS

Office Location: N2 01b-23