Evolution in Health and Disease

Course Code: BS3024
Course Description:
BS3024: Evolution in Health and Disease introduce students to discover themselves as Homo sapience, which is a result of the evolution process for a long time. The class will focus on phenotypic differences between individuals, especially for diseases and symptoms, which are associated with genetic variants and results of evolution. Throughout the course, students will obtain essential knowledge and applications of population genetics, genomics, and evolutionary biology. Students will also learn the most advanced population genomic and human genetic studies from scientists who are conducting research projects in the field. This course is crucial to those considering medical genetics and human genetics as a future career.
Year Taken: Year 3 or 4
Next Offered: Semester 1
Prerequisite: BS1006 or ES2301
Lecturer: KIM Hie Lim
Office Location: N2-01c-52