The Division of Physics and Applied Physics has a young and dynamic team of faculty members dedicated to providing our students with a top-notch physics-based education. Our undergraduate curricula are designed to emphasize the most relevant topics in physics and applied physics, including both theoretical and experimental aspects. Graduates of our programme are well-equipped for careers in industrial R&D, data science, cybersecurity, finance, as well as education and academic research.

The professors and researchers in our Division include world-class experts in quantum technology, nanotechnology, superconductivity, photonics, complex systems, and many other exciting fields of physics research.

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Our Research

The Division of Physics and Applied Physics is home to research groups working in quantum technology, condensed matter physics, nanotechnology, photonics, complex systems, and other exciting fields. We are one of the most successful organizations in Singapore in obtaining competitive research funding for pursuing cutting-edge research.

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