Published on 28 May 2024


The tenth Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference (RPIC), hosted by the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NIE NTU, Singapore), will be taking place from 28 May to 30 May 2024, with Minister for Education, Mr Chan Chun Sing as the Guest-of-Honour for the opening ceremony. Themed “Growing future-ready teachers and learners: Collaborative research for collaborative change”, the RPIC 2024 will feature four keynote addresses, alongside numerous paper and poster sessions, symposia, workshops, and exhibitions. The conference aims to spark conversations about the importance of education research and explore effective methods to translate research into practice, impacting the teaching and learning experience.

With over 800 delegates from neighboring countries and beyond, the event will facilitate the exchange of research findings, educational ideas, and experiences, fostering collaboration across local, regional, and international educational communities. Featuring over 300 presentations at the RPIC 2024, it provides an engaging platform for delegates to forge new directions in educational research practice and broaden professional networks. The NIE’s commitment to bridging the gap between educational research and practice will be evident through the sessions presented by its faculty and researchers, aimed at dissemination, engagement, partnerships, and implementation.

Professor Elaine Munthe, the NIE’s 4th Dr. Ruth Wong Professor and a distinguished professor at the University of Stavanger, Norway, will inaugurate the conference with her keynote address titled “Bridge over Troubled Waters: Thoughtful Engagement with Research in Education” on 28 May 2024, 1.00pm to 2.00pm at the Nanyang Auditorium. A leading authority in inclusive education and special needs, Professor Munthe's career spans several decades. Her extensive contributions to research, policy, and practice have significantly shaped international educational policies and practices.

Professor Kenneth Poon, NIE’s Dean of Education Research and Centre Director of the Centre for Research in Child Development, will highlight the importance of adolescence as a life stage, the rationale for studying the school and career aspirations, identify, social relationships, and wellbeing. Some insights from the first year of data collection will be shared from this current research - DRivers, Enablers, and pathways of Adolescent developMent in Singapore (DREAMS) during his keynote presentation on 29 May 2024, 9.00am to 10.00am. Across the second and third days, Professor Poon and his team will present ten papers in three symposia, examining topics such as career choices, self-beliefs, friendship networks, and well-being among various student groups, including those with special educational needs or from low-income backgrounds. They will investigate how parental support, expectations, and involvement impact students’ academic and non-academic outcomes.

Professor Kenneth Poon reflects that, “Society is ever-changing, especially with the pandemic and rapid technology advancements that have vastly impacted our everyday lives. This results in consequences for what we teach, how we teach, and why we teach. RPIC not only provides a platform for like-minded individuals to come together and reflect upon on how research can be applied to the field of education, identify solutions and develop networks, It is a special space where we look at the juxtaposition of cutting-edge research as well as translation to educational environments. I hope that all delegates who attend the conference will have a fruitful and wonderful experience.”

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