Published on 10 Oct 2023

The Science of Learning in Education (SoLEC) hosts two exchanges and a workshop

On 8 September 2023, the Science of Learning in Education (SoLEC) hosted a delegation of 20 education leaders from Israel’s Forum of Centres for Academic Development, where they explored NIE’s cutting-edge facilities and learned about NIE’s contributions to the education system in Singapore and global education research. This exchange fostered valuable international collaboration, underscoring NIE’s commitment to advancing education research and knowledge-sharing. 


On 12 September 2023, SoLEC hosted a delegation from Kazakhstan's El Umiti Corporate Education Fund, where they shared more on Singapore's Gifted Education Programme, how Singapore's education methods and systems thinking could benefit their practices, and the modern multimodal classroom and knowledge building design studio. Through this exchange, Kazakhstan's El Umiti Corporate Education Fund aims to explore educational improvement through diagnostic tools, learn from our educational success, and understand the legacy of Lee Kuan Yew, as well as discussing potential future collaborations. The El Umiti Corporate Education Fund extended an invitation for SoLEC to visit Kazakhstan, fostering the possibility of continued learning and partnership.


On 19 September 2023, SoLEC hosted the "Teaching through Fun Interdisciplinary STEAM Maker Projects" workshop, organized by Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST) and conducted by Dr Muhammad Nazir Amir, Master teacher and educational support in AST. This workshop focused on the design and development of STEAM projects to teach content across various subjects in enjoyable ways. Through lesson demonstrations, the workshop aims to provide learning experiences for participants to consider how various factors influence student engagement in learning academic content. Eight out of the 22 teacher participants had the opportunity to put on biophysiological devices (Empatica E4 and EmbracePlus) to measure their arousal levels as a measure of their emotional engagement. The in-built cameras within the SoLEC classroom were also used to capture the interactions between the participants during the activities.