Quotes of the day: LKCMedicine 10th anniversary celebration

LKCMedicine Governing Board Chairman Mr Lim Chuan Poh

"Today, we can all be very proud of LKCMedicine and what it stands for: a world class medical school delivering on its mission of producing doctors you and I would like to have caring for us. This mission is particularly salient in this pandemic as three cohorts of LKCMedicine doctors serve in our community and setting the examples for their juniors on what being a doctor is all about. Once again, as we celebrate this important milestone, I would like to thank all of you for your contributions to the School and it leaves me only to wish LKCMedicine another successful decade ahead."

NTU President Professor Subra Suresh

"In marrying the many strengths of both NTU Singapore and Imperial College London, we saw the creation of an innovative and modern curriculum, employing SMART technology, Team-Based Learning and an interdisciplinary environment to nurture Singapore's future medical professionals, as well as the growth of world-class research with global impact. Today, our mission to groom the doctors of tomorrow has never been more crucial. LKCMedicine can be proud that its doctors have risen to the challenge and are on the frontlines combating Covid-19 and other medical challenges in Singapore. They place themselves at risk every day to save lives, keeping the community safe and healthy. With alumni of such calibre, we are indeed in safe hands."

Imperial College London President Professor Alice Gast

"The 10th anniversary celebration like this is a chance to look forward. As everybody has mentioned, this is such a trying time for the world as we face health challenges and we recognise the importance of health care and public health and our ability to care for one another as a community. It is an opportunity to look at how one changes at medical education to go with these challenges ahead. I think with our robust pedagogy and our robust research efforts, we can make a huge difference over the next decade and so I congratulate everyone who made such a strong contribution so far, mostly to our junior doctors as well as to our students and I look forward to the next decade!"

National Healthcare Group Group Chief Executive Officer Professor Philip Choo

"My great congratulations to LKCMedicine for all it has done, and for the great marriage it has with Imperial College London. I was involved right from the very start and we were very clear with what we wanted. We wanted a programme that really gives Singapore the kind of doctors it needs… to be able to choose a career in research if they want to, (or) to choose an area in academic career if they want to. I am very proud, and I am very happy to say that LKCMedicine has succeeded extremely well. We have been very proud of the students that graduated and functioned at the frontline and they have done well, and we are very proud of them. I wish LKCMedicine many more good years to come!"

Dean Professor James Best

"Our medical education programme is internationally benchmarked with a reputation that is being innovative and highly student-centric, producing doctors who will exercise their hearts as well as their heads in the care of their patients. We have a thriving research programme designed for having a real impact on the future of medicine and healthcare…We have come through hard work, through the adversity that has confronted us this year and I think it's a mark and maturity of strength of the school that we have actually made a very positive contribution to Singapore and internationally in confronting the pandemic."