Our integrated multi-disciplinary curriculum aims to lay a firm foundation in the basic medical sciences whilst equipping you with the skills you need to practise medicine to the highest professional standards.

We map your learning journey clearly across the curriculum.


Integrated science in a medical context: You will learn the science underpinning each body system through our distinctive Team-Based Learning pedagogy and hands-on science practicals. You will develop foundational clinical and communication skills in the Clinical Practice and Patient Safety vertical theme. Through the Longitudinal Community Experience and Medical Humanities vertical themes, you learn to appreciate illness and healthcare from the patient’s perspective.

Core clinical medicine in practice: Immerse with clinical teams in healthcare institutions across Singapore to develop your core clinical skills in Medicine, Surgery, as well as in Short Postings undertaken in a number of specialities. You learn through supervised interactions with patients, teaching ward rounds, tutorials, and receive mentoring from Core Tutors.


Medicine for all stages of life and in diverse settings: You embark on a six-week Scholarly Project to hone your scientific skills and explore the boundaries of medical knowledge, before you set out on clinical postings focusing on medicine for all stages of life (obstetrics, paediatrics and geriatrics), delivered in a range of settings, including primary care. You will also gain experience in Psychiatry, Palliative Medicine, Rehabilitation, Emergency Medicine and Clinical Care.

Preparing for practice as a doctor: You start the year with an overseas Elective to experience a different healthcare environment, and a home-based Selective where you can further your experience in a speciality of your choice. In the final 10 weeks, the Student Assistantship Programme ensures that you are fully prepared for practice as a doctor