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Student-Researcher Immersion Programme (Year 3)Scholarly Project (Year 4)Freelance Projects


Student-Researcher Immersion Programme

Student-Researcher Immersion Programme (SRIP) is done by all year 3 LKCMedicine students to allow them a chance to gain early exposure to research and provides students with a better understanding of the connections between the Scientific Enquiry and Evidence-Based Medicine (SEEM) sessions across their curriculum. Students will be working in small teams of three to four and given a research article published by a faculty member of the school. In the course of eight weeks, students have to study the article in detail, ask questions to gain deeper insights from their supervisors and published an e-poster as a presentation of the research paper.

SRIP E-Posters done by students in the past (click links below):

Effect of Seating Arrangement on Class Engagement in Team-based Learning: A Quasi- Experimental study

Destabilization of β Cell FIT2 by saturated fatty acids alter lipid droplet numbers and contribute to ER stress and diabetes

Differential effects of white matter hyperintensities and regional amyloid deposition on regional cortical thickness


Scholarly Project

All LKCMedicine students are required to undertake a Scholarly Project individually when they are in year 4. The aim is to enhance their understanding of a focused area of Scholarship and promote scientific enquiry. The projects aim to inspire students to pursue a career in academic medicine e.g., clinical scientist or medical educator.

The Scholarly Projects module lasts a total of six weeks, including time taken for report writing. Students are offered a wide range of projects, and they are all significant and relevant to medicine in one of the eight themes:

  • Clinical Practice
  • Data Science
  • Medical Education
  • Neuroscience & Mental Health
  • Nutrition, Metabolism & Health
  • Population & Global Health
  • Respiratory & Infectious Diseases
  • Skin Disease & Wound Repair



Anthony SC Teo- Gordon Johnson Gold Medal 

Every year, a student with Outstanding Achievement (Years 1 & 2) for the degree of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery will be selected to receive a cash award (up to a maximum of S$5000 to cover airfare, accommodation, and stipend) and a chance to pursue his/her Year 4 Scholarly Project at Wolfson College, University of Cambridge. The Gold Medal will be awarded to the recipient of the award during his or her convocation ceremony. 

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Students who have presented their Scholarly Projects in local and overseas conferences

Keith Toh Zhi Xuan

Keith Toh Zhi Xian

Year 5 student (AY2023-24)

Project Title: Clinical Characteristics of Bronchiectasis patients with Mycobacterium abscesses infection – a single centre study
Conference Attended: 27th Congress of the Asia Pacific Society of Respirology
Date of Conference: 16 – 19 November 2023
Venue of Conference: Suntec City Convention Centre, Singapore
Award Received: APSR Assembly Education award with special presentation to the Respiratory Infections (Non-tuberculous) assembly


“This was an oral presentation on our single centre study on clinical characteristics of bronchiectasis patients with Mycobacterium abscesses infection, which was my Scholarly Project. It was an exciting and deeply enriching experience in my research journey, and I am always grateful for the teaching and guidance from my mentors, including A/Prof Albert Lim.” 

Lee Hong Jing

Lee Hong Jing

Year 5 student (AY2023-24)

Project Title: Assessing the utility of Novel iPad-based entopic perimetry in the detection of neuro-ophthalmic conditions.
Conference Attended: Neuro-Ophthalmology Society of Australia - 37th Annual Clinical & Scientific Meeting
Date of Conference: 21 – 22 September 2023
Venue of Conference: Crowne Plaza Adelaide


“It was a long journey flying from Taiwan (where I was doing my final year elective) to Adelaide for my first overseas conference ever. But it was definitely worth it as I managed to share our science on noise-field perimetry with prominent leaders in neuro-ophthalmology! Managed to get a picture with Prof Michael Halmagyi who invented the Head Impulse Test (together with Prof Ian Curthoys), a vital part of the HiNTs exam that is commonly used!” 



Co-Curricular Research and Scholarly Pursuit (eCROP)

The eCROP portal has been designed to foster research opportunities for medical students. This platform is designed in conjunction with our Medical Student Society (MedSoc) to connect Faculty and Clinicians with motivated medical students seeking free-lance research projects.

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