About Multiple Mini Interview (MMI)

Introduction to MMI

Interviews at LKCMedicine will consist of Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI), where candidates will undergo several one-to-one interviews with different interviewers, designed to assess a candidate’s aptitude and suitability for the MBBS programme. Applicants invited for the selection interviews will complete a series of eight mini interviews, each lasting approximately five minutes, conducted consecutively in eight separate interview rooms.
Yes, you can watch the informational video hosted on our website. The video is available here.
No. The candidate will attend and complete the eight interviews within the session, typically in the morning or afternoon of the day itself.
The MMI assesses candidates on their understanding of medicine as a career, ethical considerations in medicine, interest in science and empathy towards people who might be ill.
The MMI uses a series of stations to assess specific skills and qualities and assigns the same interviewer to rate all applicants at a station with that specific question/scenario. This method helps to address some of the weaknesses of the standard interview format. It is considered to be a fairer system and also less stressful. Many top medical schools now use the MMI to shortlist candidates for admission.
Candidates invited to the MMI are only required to bring along identification documents. Documents such as results transcripts, co-curricular activities record or recommendation letters are not required.
Parents will not be able to accompany the invited candidates.
The programme for the MMI will take approximately two hours. An introductory programme on LKCMedicine is also included to help students understand the school better.
Inform us immediately. Re-scheduling is based on availability and a valid reason.
Dress comfortably, appropriately and smartly for the MMI.
You will be sent a Code of Ethics as part of the invitation to the MMI. While you are not required to sign a non-disclosure declaration, please refrain from divulging or disclosing any of the information through any means - oral, written or electronic. As part of the professional behaviour and conduct expected of medical students, you are requested to keep the knowledge of the interview questions, the MMI content and processes confidential. This is to ensure that candidates interviewed at the start of the MMI cycle have as equal an opportunity to succeed in their responses to the interview questions as candidates interviewed in the later sessions. No candidate should be disadvantaged.
Like all other interviews, just be yourself. Be calm and listen carefully to the questions asked by the interviewer. The MMI is a process that will help us identify the students who are most suitable for the medical school programme, and graduate as good doctors for Singapore. It is not meant to create unnecessary stress for the candidates.
No, you will not be disadvantaged. As part of the professional behaviour and conduct expected of medical students, all candidates are requested to observe the Code of Ethics that we will forward to you prior to the MMIs. This will ensure that participants interviewed at the start of the MMI cycle have as equal an opportunity to succeed in their responses to the interview questions as participants interviewed later in the interview cycle.

​​​During the MMI

Listed below are the details of the programme on MMI day:

Arrival and Registration of candidates
Introductory Briefing
MMI interview
During registration on MMI day, you will be grouped into groups of eight and given a colour-coded lanyard indicating the MMI session you are assigned to. After the welcome address, all candidates in your group will be ushered to the eight interview rooms. Wear the lanyard at all times during the MMI. We will collect the lanyard from you after you have completed the MMI.

Candidates will sit outside the eight MMI rooms until the bell sounds giving them time to read the scenarios which are placed on the chairs located outside the rooms. After two minutes, you will be prompted to enter the room and begin your five-minute interview. This cycle will be repeated until every candidate has gone through the eight stations.
Most of the time, there will be only one interviewer in each room. In certain scenarios, there might be a simulated patient (actor) in the room.
In general, you will be meeting eight interviewers comprising faculty members, clinicians, allied health professionals and lay people.
Although you have five minutes for each interview station, you may be granted permission by the interviewer to leave the room if you have finished your interview before the time is up. You will then wait outside the room till the bell sounds again and all the candidates are ready to proceed to their next interview station.
Each candidate is allowed only five minutes for each station. We will require all candidates to finish each interview within five minutes to ensure that everyone is given the same amount of time.
At each station, you will be given a score (maximum five marks) by the interviewer. At the end of the session, your scores at the eight stations will be collated and you will get an overall score out of a maximum of 40 marks.
The programme is carefully structured to ensure you are clear on what is required of you at the MMI. It is therefore important for you to attend the entire programme.

After the MMI

You will be informed of the outcome at the end of April. As competition is expected to be strong, some interviewees will be offered a place at LKCMedicine, some will be placed on a waiting list, whilst others will be told that their application is unsuccessful. Candidates not offered a place at LKCMedicine may still be offered places for other courses at NTU.