Professional development with FlexiMasters in HR Thought Leadership

As a HR business partner, Vincent Chua Yong Khian plays an active role in various aspects of HR, such as manpower planning, recruitment and other staff matters.

Very often, he finds himself stepping out of his comfort zone to be exposed to new possibilities of learning new things. “Anyone who has been in the same job doing the same things day in and day out, sometimes you forget that there is a bigger world out there,” he cautioned. So, when he came across the FlexiMasters in HR Thought Leadership (For HR Practitioners), he dove in headfirst into the opportunity.

Networking opportunities

“At the time, I wanted to have an opportunity to network with other HR practitioners and learn from them and their experience,” he recalled. “It is a good opportunity to learn more from this course, and to establish networks with fellow participants.”

The networking and interactions he had with his fellow course mates from the various public and private sectors proved to be invaluable. “It was interesting to see and hear what they have been doing, how they encounter certain problems, and how they resolved them. We also shared tips on how it was like to work in the various sectors,” he shared.

Learning with Industry relevance

Thanks to peer learning, Vincent learned to see various aspects and viewpoints in HR. “You see a fresh and different perspective from your peers from various industries, and the interactions in the classes really help,” he said. “In my work, I try to apply the different key learning, concepts, considerations to the problem that I face. I also can text some of my course mates after the course to ask for their opinions on certain issues.”

He also appreciates the shared case studies by the faculty. “They were able to share lots of their experiences, perspectives, their considerations and thoughts behind the case studies,” he noted. “They have also tapped on their personal contacts—very senior HR practitioners—to give us two-hour talks about the challenges they face in HR. That was something I particularly liked very much.”

“The interactions with the faculty and trainers, many of them who are very seasoned, and the sharing of their experiences really motivate you to attend the classes,” he added.

Fresh insights and new knowledge

From the programme, Vincent also found a new appreciation for knowledge. He picked up foundation level coding, digital marketing performance analytics, among others. “I’m very keen on developing myself further in these aspects,” he said. “In the very short span of time, I was exposed to areas I don’t typically deal with at work.”

Vincent is confident of the benefits of the programme for working professionals like him. “The FlexiMasters is a good opportunity to be exposed to many different aspects in the same field. It got me thinking about a lot of knowledge out there that I was previously unaware of. I now venture out there in search of opportunity to learn something new that can enhance my career.” 


FlexiMasters in HR Thought Leadership (For HR Practitioners) 
The programme is suitable for current HR practitioners keen to strengthen their business, digital, and financial acumen to better contribute to their organizational effectiveness at the leadership level.

The programme offers a sequence of five graduate courses will give participants a broad exposure to strategic management, finance fundamentals, Business ethics, and newer topics such as Analytics Technology in Business and Digital marketing.