Our Research Mission Statement

We are a leading research-powered business school focusing on business education in a technology-driven world. Taking a principled, evidence-based, and inter-disciplinary approach, we produce top-notch and impactful research to tackle world-scale challenges, advance business theories, and enhance management practice.

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NBS Knowledge Lab

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NBS Knowledge Lab is a platform where we share management insights and the latest business thinking. Here you'll find information on our webinar series as well as our commentary articles and video interviews.

Academic Divisions

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Our faculty are organised into seven academic divisions, though several possess research interests that span more than one division. Divisions include Accounting, Banking & Finance, Business Law, Information Technology & Operations Management, Leadership, Management & Organisation​​, Marketing, Strategy, International Business and Entrepreneurship​​.

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Research Centres & Initiatives

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Our research centres bring together leading academics and industry experts to develop cutting-edge research that is impactful and relevant to latest industry needs​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.

​Our objective is to advance and nurture leadership in the theory and practice of management globally. To this end, we engage in cutting-edge, rigorous research to advance theoretical knowledge and inspire evidence-based practices that are of significant interests to business communities and beyond.

Our strategic priorities are guided by the university’s plans to focus its research on sustainability, future health care, the new Silk Road, which seeks to integrate the best of the East and West, and innovation.

Professional Announcements & Job Openings

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Our professional announcements and job openings are catered to our faculty, students, and alumni. Stay updated on the latest postings on fellowships, grants, job opportunities and other research-related announcements.

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