NTU School of Biological Sciences graduate pursues her interest in analytics with FlexiMasters

With the aspiration and ambition to one day become a medical professional, NTU Alumnus Serena Mok kicked off her tertiary education in Biomedical Sciences and Traditional Chinese Medicine, in NTU School of Biological Sciences. “Upon graduation, I intended to further my studies while working as a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner,” she reminisced.

She landed her first job in the civil service after completing her Double Degree in Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences and Bachelor of Chinese Medicine. But fate had other plans for Serena, and she soon developed a keen interest in bio-analytics and bio-informatics.

“These two fields deal very closely with data analytics in the healthcare sector,” she explained. “That’s why I decided to sign up for FlexiMasters course in analytics to learn more about analytics.”

Jumping headfirst from biomedical sciences to data analytics

This transition from biomedical sciences to the realm of bio-analytics and bio-informatics was more than just a change in Serena’s career plan. It was a leap of faith into a field where she had no prior experience.

“I have always had an interest in analytics, but with no prior knowledge in analytics, the FlexiMasters programme gave me the opportunity for self-discovery—to learn about analytics and to chart my career within the field of analytics and AI” she shared.

With the FlexiMasters programme, Serena dove headfirst into the uncharted territories of analytics, and she was able to pick up technical analytical skills—including data analytics, data visualisation, machine learning and even application of AI for modern enterprise throughout the duration of the course.

She found the hands-on project work particularly enriching. “From understanding the concepts, to actually building the models for machine learning,” she shared. “The hands-on process really allowed me to grasp complex concepts through practical application.”

Peer learning in the FlexiMasters

Serena also grew to appreciate the dynamic and diverse learning environment that the FlexiMasters programme is offers. “Everyone was very willing to share their knowledge,” she noted, detailing the collaborative learning environment that enhanced her learning experience.

“My perspectives have widened,” Serena added. “In the sense that I understand more about the other areas that I am previously unfamiliar about, and I am no longer limited to what I have studied.”

Time management is key for self-development

Despite the rigorous demands of balancing the programme with her work and personal commitments, Serena remained steadfast. “I had to take time off my Saturday commitments for the FlexiMasters, but I feel like the benefits outweigh the cons,” she reasoned. “It's about making time and effort amidst my busy schedule, to cater for learning and self-development.”

Serena’s time in the FlexiMasters programme has rekindled her zeal for learning and self-development; and she plans to further her study, and to pursue a full Master’s degree in the coming years. “It’s been a very positive learning experience. I have gained insights into different areas that I wasn’t exposed to in my earlier academic journey, and I intend to bring this forward.”

Real-world application — Applying her new skills at work

Serena has since come a long way. With a better understanding in analytics, and she is able to readily apply what she has learned on the job.

“I have been exploring the technical side of things to optimise the working processes,” she recounted, referring to how she spearheaded the integration of Excel management—something she learned in the FlexiMasters programme—into her daily operations.

Her role has since expanded to include analytics. “I am trying to see how we can optimise our working processes for better efficiency; and I am looking forward to using all these skills that that I have learned to good use.”  

Follow your passion. It will take you further

Reflecting on her journey, Serena feels equipped for future challenges and opportunities, thanks to the FlexiMasters programme. She recommends future participants to go for programmes that align with their interests. " I think passion really makes it go further. Choose one that you will enjoy and pursue the knowledge with passion,” she urged. 


FlexiMasters in Business and Financial Analytics
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