Internationalisation and Asia

Internationalisation has propelled Asia into a rising star in terms of international business.  Many foreign companies are looking to Asia for strategic alliances and cooperation, and mergers and acquisitions.  This gives rise to the impetus to understand Asia and it is difficult to relegate the importance of understanding Asia’s businesses and operations. 

Nanyang Business School is one of Asia’s leading business schools. Our EMBA programme was ranked 18th in the Financial Times' ranking of the world's top 100 EMBA programmes. It was the second best placing in the world and the best in Singapore among single-university programmes. As a university, Nanyang Technological University is the #1 top young universities under 50 years old by QS Asia rankings 2020.

Nanyang Business School is well placed to provide Asia Immersion / Study Tours programmes to foreign institutions, universities or companies.  Our vast experience ensures that you will be provided with the best in program design and content.  Our programmes have an interesting combination of study and discovery.  Participants will experience, first-hand, the business climate, action and the melting pot of changes that are occurring in Asia. 

One of the distinctive characteristics of our Asia Immersion / Study Tour programmes is its geographic emphasis, covering the various nations, economies, and social systems of South East Asia.


Asia Immersion / Study Tour Programmes

All Asian Immersion / Study Tour programmes are customised to meet company or institutional goals. These programmes  provide unique opportunities to explore new horizons and broaden participants’ perspectives. The programmes creatively enhance and enrich knowledge while promoting personal growth and cross-cultural understanding.

Our programmes include visits to companies that operate in Asia through branch and joint ventures. Participants have the opportunity to meet with executives from a wide range of businesses including European, local and US joint ventures and subsidiaries. In each country, experts in cross-cultural communication address the group and provide an overview of the current economic situation.

Participants also establish valuable contacts and experience first-hand, the people, cultures and contemporary issues unique to countries in Asia.  Our Asian Business seminars deepen the participants’ understanding as they immerse fully in an exhilarating learning environment. As the programme progresses, participants synthesize the information obtained and by the time the programme concludes, they are able to conceptualise a model for successfully working in foreign cultures. Such a model can be applied not only to Asia but to other parts of the world as well. 

On their return, participants further research their topics of interest and integrate into their own curriculum the learnings they have gained from their in-country experience.  They also disseminate their learnings to the company they work for and community they live in. 


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