Embracing her new role and job progression with FlexiMasters

Right after graduating with a degree in Chemical Engineering, Peck Tze embarked on her career in Singapore as a chemist in a leading petrochemicals company headquartered in Abu Dhabi. Over the span of two decades, she has progressed steadily at work, focused on a technical role handling internal and external stakeholders.

In her latest appointment, Peck Tze transitioned to the role of Head of Regional Marketing, to lead the regional marketing activities for the company’s Asia South region. However, with no formal training in marketing, it dawned on Peck Tze that she needed to understand the fundamentals of marketing.

For Peck Tze, she also wanted to transcend the operational aspects of her previous role to a leader. “It became very practical and real to me that I needed to understand what marketing is, shift my scope towards strategic planning, and cascade my actions into achieving strategic marketing goals for the company.”

Appropriate level of academic rigour and mental stimulation

To achieve her objectives, she registered for the FlexiMasters in Marketing in a Digital World programme in December 2021, to learn the marketing know-hows and to complement her progression to her new role in marketing.

Having to juggle between family, work and studying was rather daunting at first for Peck Tze, but she eventually found the momentum. “FlexiMasters came in a very timely manner for everyone to learn and connect back to the world.”

FlexiMasters as an alternative to MBA for busy working professionals

Even though Peck Tze did not pursue further education after graduating over 20 years ago, the structured programme in the FlexiMasters provided her the appropriate level of academic rigour and mental stimulation. “It's an alternative to an MBA or a full master’s degree for busy working professionals like myself to upgrade ourselves,” she recommended. “And a good way to start going back to do something in a more structured way, in the classroom style.”

She found the interactions with the faculty and trainers helpful. A key takeaway for Peck Tze was drawing customer and market insights with strategic thinking, predictive modeling, data analytics, and market research.

New opportunities

While analytics is not something foreign to Peck Tze, her renewed appreciation for the analytics behind marketing gave her newfound perspectives. Rather than a goal-oriented mindset, she has started to transform to thinking strategically.

She has been readily applying various tools she learned, drawing from marketing insights to plan for marketing strategies, leveraging consumer insights by looking at customer data, and planning strategically on the management level.

“The FlexiMasters tells you what is out there, what is available, and gives you a good overview to understand contemporary skills out there,” Peck Tze continued. “If you are interested, you can always dive into it.”

“The FlexiMasters can be a doorway for many to better their career or to further their journey of continuous and lifelong learning,” Peck Tze related, referring to her own experience. “It’s a starting point for you to learn something deeper, to venture across a new horizon.”


FlexiMasters in Marketing in a Digital World
To do well as a marketer, you need to know how to tell a good brand story, the tools (digital and non-digital) available at your disposal, and how to use data to inform your decision.

The programme is designed to help marketers succeed in this digital age. You will be equipped with fundamental marketing knowledge, important analytics, and digital marketing skills to meet industry demands in this age of complexity.

If you are a marketer who would like to refresh your knowledge, or someone who would like to switch to a marketing role, this is the programme for you.