Profoundly Deaf learner takes on NTU’s FlexiMasters

Born profoundly Deaf in both ears, Alfred Yeo has been navigating the world with minimal problems. He could hear sounds above 90 decibels without hearing aids, and this does not dampen his zest for life one bit.

And with a rich tapestry of work experiences that span across IT, engineering, F&B, accounting, and payroll, Alfred stands as a beacon of resilience and adaptability. "My life journey has been about finding ways to excel in both my professional and personal life," Alfred signed in sign language with his interpreter voicing for him.

Down the road less travelled

In his pursuit of knowledge, ambition, and growth, Alfred decided to journey down the road less travelled by enrolling himself into the FlexiMasters in General Management. This was not an easy decision that he took lightly. “Motivated by my desire to broaden my professional horizons and to keep my skills sharp, I see the programme as an opportunity to continue my lifelong learning journey,” Alfred said.

The financial assistance from SkillsFuture was one of the deciding factors for Alfred when he mulled over his decision whether to take on the FlexiMasters. “I was able to more confidently make the decision in my predicament with government subsidies,” he shared, referring to the SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy that covers up to 90% of the course fees.

Saturday’s classes offer flexible schedule for learning

By day, Alfred manages the payroll services in accounting and corporate solutions company for the corporate clients. And by night or weekends, he conducts sign language classes at various places like People’s Association and Nanyang Technological University to help people understand sign language, and in extension, promote inclusivity and understanding for the Deaf community in Singapore.

“The flexible class schedules on Saturdays fitted my busy and active lifestyle,” he shared. “And I was able to seamlessly balance my work and personal commitments seamlessly while studying and finishing my weekly assignments.”

“The programme allows me to pursue my educational goals on a part-time basis and it is tailored around my work commitments and my activities,” Alfred said in sign language. “I am able to learn many things throughout the course in aspects of business strategy, people management, operations, company governance, cultural intelligence and business negotiation.” 

Dynamic environment with collaborative and interactive learning

Apart from the flexible schedules, Alfred is also grateful for the collaborative and interactive learning experience, which gave him the mental stimulus he craves. “It’s like a smaller version of a full Master’s degree, with a lot of group discussions on many different topics,” Alfred’s interpreter conveyed.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the rich learning environment with the very engaging group discussions,” Alfred recalls. “I was able to share my perspectives and opinions to facilitate discussions with my peers and group mates.”

While Alfred enjoyed the learning process, he cautioned that time management is important to yield a positive learning experience. " All working adult learners, and especially if you have a family, you will need to properly plan and manage your time and resources to juggle study and work,” Alfred noted. “But relish the process and enjoy the learning process.”

Looking ahead: The journey after FlexiMasters

As Alfred reflects on his journey through the FlexiMasters Programme, he is optimistic about the future. While it's too early to assess the full impact of the programme on his career, the skills and insights he learned already have a profound impact on his professional interactions and personal growth. "I now recognised the importance of negotiation skills and CQ (cultural intelligence) in everyday dealings, and I am adapting my approach and interactions with my colleagues and friends,” he added.

With a new appreciation for lifelong learning, Alfred hopes to continue upskilling himself. He signalled, “I look forward to continuing my quest for knowledge, as each new insight brings me new discoveries."


FlexiMasters in General Management
The programme aims to equip you with the skills necessary to run modern enterprises.

The five-course sequence will focus on key aspects of business strategy, people management, operations, company governance, cultural intelligence, and business negotiation.