Business acumen vital for technology and entrepreneurship

With a strong passion in business technology and entrepreneurship, NTU Information Engineering and Media graduate Pamela Cheng is a fervent advocate of how business, technology and entrepreneurship complement each other. 

“You can be a great engineer developing cutting-edge products, but if you don’t have the business or entrepreneurial acumen to launch and market your product, bringing in the profits will be challenging” Pamela said. 

That is why she took on a one-year start-up internship under an entrepreneurship programme in Silicon Valley while studying in NTU. She is currently a business technology analyst in the aviation industry. 

To further equip herself with the vital skills in business and finance, Pamela signed up for the FlexiMasters in Business Finance. “It piqued my interest because coming from an engineering background, I needed the financial experience from a professional standpoint,” Pamela said. 

Cross disciplinary learning with FlexiMasters

While Pamela is well-versed in the technology side of things, little prepared her for the business and financial aspects in her career. With the programme, Pamela was able to beef up her knowledge in business and finance, and it helped her with her everyday operation at work.

“I picked up important business knowledge and acumen, and I learned about technical business calculations such as portfolio analysis and accounting,” she shared. “I am able to understand financial projection better and know what to look out for when evaluating different case studies.”

Continuous education and new ventures

Pamela finds her experience in the programme enriching—she was able to interact and network with many likeminded people during the programme. Through new friendships and shared insights with her course mates, she was able to understand the various points of view, and she finds the experience invaluable.  

“At this stage, it’s not about grades. It’s about how much you learn, and you can apply what you have learned,” she added. “Go for it. Have fun, go in with an open mind. A lot of what you will take away is how much you want to put in.”

Pamela intends to continue in the open innovation communities where she’ll look at start-up profiling. “It will be great to start a venture of my own, and this programme has got me started on the right path.” 


FlexiMasters in Business Finance
The programme is suitable for anyone interested in finance but who had minimal exposure to this field at a tertiary academic level. 

Over five graduate courses, you will gain broad exposure to financial topics, including corporate finance and investments, plus newer fields such as fintech and sustainable finance.