From theory to real world success: An architect’s journey with FlexiMasters 

In the dynamic world of architecture and development, architect Leong Mei Mei has transitioned through various roles from architectural design and consultancy services to construction development. She has even established herself as a Developer’s Representative. Yet, she continues to challenge and propel herself forward by venturing further into the intricate world of business and finance within her professional domain and beyond.

“I gained more perspective into the bigger scale of development and architecture,” she explained. “The experience broadened my horizons in the fields of architecture and beyond. And that prompted me to look forward. There’re so many things to learn.” 

Structured curriculum in FlexiMasters a gateway to understanding new concepts

Amidst her journey of professional development and self-improvement, Mei Mei discovered the FlexiMasters in Business Finance programme, which she eagerly joined to enhance her financial acumen. Reflecting on her journey, she credited the well-structured curriculum and the invaluable support she received from her tutors. All of which together fostered a conducive environment for self-learning and exploration for her.

"The programme effectively serves as an introduction to Business Finance, offering a comprehensive overview while encouraging self-directed learning. It provides a foundational structure for anyone looking to delve deeper into the subject," Mei Mei appreciates.

She continues, "I'm particularly thankful for the openness and willingness of the tutors to share their knowledge and support us. They've made it clear that help is always available, encouraging us to reach out with any queries."

One assignment that left a lasting impression on Mei Mei involved conceptualising accounting for a business venture. This exercise proved to be a pivotal moment for Mei Mei in refining her future professional direction. "It required us to apply our learning creatively and think critically, pushing me to reconsider my goals and how I could align my projects with my personal ambitions."

Making informed decisions with insights into finance and investment

The programme profoundly impacted Mei Mei's approach to finance and investment, transitioning from speculative practices to making well-informed decisions grounded in robust financial analysis and market insights. "Previously, my investment strategy was largely speculative. The course, however, shifted my perspective towards making sensible, informed investments," Mei Mei reveals.

“We’re not trying to make you a speculator, we want you to make investments with sense,” she vividly recalls a quote from her tutor. “The course has expanded my knowledge and confidence in Finance and Investment.”

Armed with new confidence and knowledge, Mei Mei has since ventured into real estate and stock investments, applying the principles she learned to evaluate companies' performances and make educated investment choices.

This newfound knowledge has also empowered her to apply principles learned in the classroom to real-world scenarios. “Now I'm able to look into companies’ performance, and understand the financial statements,” she shares. “I can also look at their prospectuses or company profile and be able to make very informed choices as to whether I should buy into this company.”

Realizing her personal aspirations after FlexiMasters

The FlexiMasters programme was more than just an academic endeavour for Mei Mei; it was a catalyst for personal and professional transformation. Inspired by her learnings, she embarked on a journey to fulfil her long-term aspiration of building and managing a resort, a dream now within reach thanks to her enhanced confidence in navigating the finance market.

"My greatest takeaway from the programme is the newfound confidence in my financial decision-making capabilities. It has encouraged me to take calculated risks, pursue my dream of owning a resort, and explore real estate opportunities internationally," she explained.

“I've moved into other countries to look at their real estate, because I've always wanted to have a resort with a panorama of the sea, somewhere,” she continues. “So, I went to visit numerous resorts, as case study reviews, to see if I can do the same, or better, in other countries. All these things pushed me into following my own dreams and just having that inertia to, you know, to just propel and go forward.”

Her journey with FlexiMasters in Business Finance is a testament to the power of lifelong learning in achieving personal fulfilment and professional success. Through her experiences, Mei Mei exemplifies the transformative impact of education and self-belief, opening doors to new opportunities and leading her from being a project director at her own firm to becoming a partner in another. 


FlexiMasters in Business Finance
The programme is suitable for anyone interested in finance but who had minimal exposure to this field at a tertiary academic level. 

Over five graduate courses, you will gain broad exposure to financial topics, including corporate finance and investments, plus newer fields such as fintech and sustainable finance.