Awaken your confidence and self-belief with FlexiMasters

Due to personal events, Dominic was shy of completing two modules for his bachelor’s degree. For the longest time, he felt the lack of academic credentials was his biggest shortfall that left him with a serious dent of confidence.

In his attempts to find a resolve, he dedicated his unrelenting efforts in developing his professional career in M.I.C.E., which ultimately led up to C suite roles.

Despite the accomplishments in his career, his plans to get back into study by pursuing an Executive Masters didn’t go so smoothly. He felt insecure with his academic limitations, and at the same time, concerned if his mental faculty could cope with the demands of studies.

Breaking down his mental barrier with FlexiMasters

When he chanced upon the FlexiMasters by Nanyang Business School, he sent his application and the rest is history— he was able to overcome his mental barrier.

Dominic settled into the programme and adapted well to the new learning environment. The interaction with the professors was hugely vital for him because they encourage critical thinking and dialogues among participants to challenge different ideas and share unique perspectives.

“The dynamics of adult learning was salient for most parts of the programme, even among peers,” Dominic added. “I was given the opportunity to relook at things from a cognitive level, concepts and narratives both familiar and new, from generational views.”

“Most importantly, the FlexiMasters has rekindled my self-esteem,” Dominic emphasized.  “With a wealth of industry experience, I’ve always wanted to share my knowledge of expertise in my professional domain.”

“The experience of the FlexiMasters has enriched me with a sense of empowerment I haven’t felt in a very long time,” he said. “The learning strengthens my passion and experience in my domain expertise as a bona fide practicing Independent Business Consultant while still performing as an Event Director/Curator.”

Pathway to higher learning

“Graduating from the FlexiMasters in General Management spurs me with greater confidence to consult and advise my clients. The FlexiMasters has value-added to my deeper learning,” says Dominic.

“The learning process for me is also one of self-discovery and self-reflection. Besides self-validation, the more evident growth for me is being able to synthesize things differently,” Dominic said. He is now setting his sights on a Doctorate in Business Administration.

FlexiMasters for mid-career movers

“Especially to the mid-career movers who may have reached a plateau, consider NBS FlexiMasters where your knowledge and experience can generate robust exchange of ideas and incite growth,” he said.

“This platform could potentially carve new career paths for you.”


FlexiMasters in General Management
The programme aims to equip you with the skills necessary to run modern enterprises.

The five-course sequence will focus on key aspects of business strategy, people management, operations, company governance, cultural intelligence, and business negotiation.