HR professional embraces Lifelong Learning with FlexiMasters in HR Thought Leadership

Being an HR professional, Namie is an avid advocate for lifelong learning. She has made many deliberate efforts to upskill herself. Her journey—a path marked by unwavering progression and dedication to the Human Resources field—is a testament to her commitment to lifelong learning.

Her latest adventure began with a simple yet profound discovery. While exploring resources to further her HR career, she stumbled across a testimonial article on Jacqueline, one of the FlexiMasters in HR Thought Leadership programme graduates.

Jacqueline’s story, as well as the many other stories recounted by fellow FlexiMasters alumni, struck a chord with Namie. And she was eagerly motivated to carve her own path that is tailored to her aspirations.

"Based on the diverse experiences shared by the ambassadors, I am confident that the FlexiMasters programme will be both educational and transformative," Namie recalls, setting the stage for her enrolment into the FlexiMasters in HR Thought Leadership programme.

Curriculum helped reshaped her approach in HR

For Namie, the FlexiMasters HR Thought Leadership programme was more than just an academic endeavour. It was an opportunity for her to grow professionally. Out of the 5 modules, the Digital Marketing and the Analytics Technology in Business modules stood out to her.

“The modules were relevant to contemporary issues but also aligned with my areas of interest,” she remarked. “Through the programme, I acquired invaluable insights and knowledge that would reshape my approach to HR leadership.”

And as the sole contributor and Head of HR at Ansac Technology, an instrumentation solution provider based in Singapore, Namie is managing a 60 headcount workforce. She needed the insights into the workings of other departments. "I see myself as a bridge between my colleagues and management," she said.

“Because I work closely with my marketers and other departments in everyday operations, the programme allows me to see things from their perspectives,” she observed. “From PR marketing, Google ads, social media postings, data analytics, and even ChatGPT. I can understand and use them with confidence.”

Beyond Classroom: From classmates to lifelong friends

Namie’s journey was further enriched by the connections she made along the way. As someone who relishes social interactions, Namie’s seized the opportunity to network with peers from diverse backgrounds. “Each classmate brought a unique perspective, transforming group projects into melting pots of innovation and shared wisdom,” she shares. "During case studies and role plays, the ability to share and bounce ideas off each other has also enriched my learning experience."

"Throughout the program, the various groupings in each module allowed me to engage and interact with my peers," Namie shared. "Even after completing the program, we've remained in touch and planned an overseas trip together."

"While I may have struggled in certain modules, I have found great support from classmates who excelled in those areas, as they were able to offer assistance and take on leadership roles within our group," Namie reflected.

"The camaraderie went beyond the classroom. We became a support system for each other, celebrating successes and navigating challenges together," Namie added, emphasizing the lasting impact of these relationships.

Aspirations that turn into achievements and accolades

After completing the FlexiMasters in HR Thought Leadership, Namie pursued further advancement by elevating her certification from IHRP Certified Professional (IHRP-CP) to IHRP Senior Professional (IHRP-SP). Beyond her personal accomplishments, Namie has put Ansac Technology on the radar in HR. Namie and her team led the company to win the silver prize for Excellence in Leadership Development at the 10th annual HR Excellence Awards in 2022.

Recently, she also took the initiative to nominate herself for the SkillsFuture Fellowship Award, with the aim to support her colleagues at work in their lifelong learning journey.

Finding harmony between work, learning, and life

But the journey wasn't without its hurdles. Balancing a demanding job with rigorous academic commitments tested Namie's resolve. Yet, through effective time management and the support of her peers, she turned challenges into stepping stones. "It was about finding harmony between work, learning, and life. Each obstacle was an opportunity to grow stronger," Namie shares.

She recommends allocating time outside of work to adequately prepare for assignments and coursework.  “As we are all working adults, we will often need to allocate time outside of our jobs to go through and prepare for the assignments. Some of us will have to comprise and make alternative arrangements such as meeting during lunch to accommodate each other’s schedule,” she advised.

Looking ahead, Namie is as determined as ever. She plans to explore new dimensions within HR, particularly in areas like organizational psychology and technology integration. Her goal is to not only enhance her own skill set but also to contribute to the evolution of HR practices.

She said, "Lifelong learning has opened doors I never knew existed. It's a journey that goes beyond certificates and accolades—it's about becoming a version of yourself that you can be proud of." 


FlexiMasters in HR Thought Leadership (For HR Practitioners) 
The programme is suitable for current HR practitioners keen to strengthen their business, digital, and financial acumen to better contribute to their organizational effectiveness at the leadership level.

The programme offers a sequence of five graduate courses will give participants a broad exposure to strategic management, finance fundamentals, Business ethics, and newer topics such as Analytics Technology in Business and Digital marketing.