Taking on career transition challenges with analytics skills

Upon graduation, Vincent started his career in Engineering. A few years later, the banking and finance industry caught his eyes—he is seeing more opportunities for growth. He joined one of the leading banks in Asia as a Bank Analyst in the Investigation and Project team.

At work, he witnessed how technology such as Big Data Management is drastically evolving over the years. “The advancement in analytics and digital transformation always excites me. There's great demand. So, I decided to look up for courses that can enhance my knowledge in this area,” he shared.

“With my interest and passion for data, I wanted to be part of a team in data analytics,” Vincent said. “I’m excited to see how technology could transform a business.”

Fresh perspectives with analytics

“After attending a wide range of analytics courses online, I needed something that enhances my learning journey. I further explored courses in leading universities that promote industry-ready initiatives,” Vincent added. “I was intrigued by industry relevant pedagogies and looked forward to embarking on a dynamic learning experience.”

He chanced upon the FlexiMasters in Business and Financial Analytics programme in his searches, and the modules on Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics caught his attention.

“The structure and curriculum of the course are well-organised, and the programme gives me the right amount of upskilling in Analytics that equips me with the relevant knowledge and practical skills to pivot to a career within the digital economy,” he observed.

Application of knowledge at work

With the FlexiMasters, Vincent became more confident with the understanding and use of Analytics tools such as Python and SQL. The technical aspects in application of these tools allowed him to be in tune with the various development in this field. “The exposure to these analytics tools helped boost my domain knowledge in the Financial Services industry, and better my position for my career,” he explained.

Now, Vincent is proficient at applying Data Storytelling visualization techniques when presenting insights to stakeholders. “I'm able to see Business Analytics in a different perspective by identifying the trends in business and financial services and how it can be used in a technological driven economy,” Vincent noted.

Throughout the FlexiMasters, Vincent is pleased with the academic rigour and pace of the programme. “It was hectic and fast paced, but very much worth it as we are now confident in applying what we have learnt in our roles at work.”

FlexiMasters can help prepare you for your career

He is also grateful for the connections he made. “During the class assignments and group projects, we interact a lot within the group and also with fellow peers. I made a lot of friends during the FlexiMasters,” he commented. “The participants came from many diverse backgrounds. It is very engaging, and we learnt a lot from each other.” 

“The programme prepares us for the next phase of our career with the full support and guidance from the academic professors and your fellow cohort,” he shared.  “There will be challenges along the way, but you can be assured that it will be an enriching and rewarding experience like no others."

“It is suitable for all ages, regardless if you are a fresh graduate or in a mid-career switch like me. Just go in with an open mind and try to learn as much as you can.”

FlexiMasters in Business and Financial Analytics
You will be able to gain insights on how to excel in the domain of business analytics and analytics used in the financial services industry and acquire skills to guide businesses through today’s environment of digital disruption and transformation.