Filling in the gaps in HR management with FlexiMasters in Strategic HR Performance

Even though career consultant Ivan Lim had no formal training in Human Resources management , he’s no stranger when it comes to HR practices. He’s been the lead career coach and consultant in a career matching provider appointed by Workforce Singapore, where he deals directly with various stakeholders—from job seekers to employers alike.

“As a career coach, you are really focused on the job seekers in helping them to prepare for their interviews. This comes from years of experience in the business, where I get to talk to many people,” Ivan shared. “I understand their job goals, roles and so on but one part which I felt missing was to understand what the best practices for a proper HR practitioner were.”

That’s why Ivan enrolled into the FlexiMasters in Strategic HR Performance (for non-HR practitioners).

Learning the best HR practices with shared experiences

The experience was beneficial and enlightening for Ivan’s career. “The teaching faculty and the external trainers from the Institute for Human Resource Professionals were able to help me understand the practical uses of each theory and best practice that we discussed,” he said.

“The diversity in terms of the participants as well, that I was able to learn from. I think we're all able to learn from each other and that really is the extra motivation for wanting to get up and go to class every Saturday for me.”

A new career spark

Ivan now owns his own HR consulting business venture with two other partners. He is bringing his ideals and principles to life, something he couldn’t do previously as an employee within an organisation.

“In five to ten years later, we hope to do more than just recruitment. Eventually, we want it to be a full-fledge HR consulting firm that can cover the full spectrum of HR consultancy.”

“How can I impact the HR world? How can I do things better? How can I fill the gap? These are the things that I want to do, that I think will greatly help improve the HR landscape in Singapore,” he envisioned.

Benefits from the FlexiMasters

Ivan has since attained new skillsets and confidence from the FlexiMasters programme.

“I am now able to speak with confidence when I'm coaching my clients. I am convinced that whatever I've learned from the course is also what's missing out there in the marketplace. I strongly believe there are many learnings from the course that have not been fully implemented out there. So, it has definitely made a huge impact on me.”