Engineering professional takes FlexiMasters in Business Finance to advance in his career

NTU alumnus and Principal Engineer Tay Kuok Siang primarily concentrated on the technical aspects at work. With a master’s degree in Geotechnical engineering, he was able to move leaps and bounds in his career. However, with over a decade of industry experience, he felt a need for more professional growth.

He pointed out that engineers learn only the technical skills in schools but are rarely taught how to manage business finances. “So, for career progression and to take on leadership roles, I need more broadened skillsets,” Kuok Siang said.

Gain essential skillsets and insights to enhance your career

Even though he had a minor in business from his alma mater, he wanted to further expand his skillsets in business and finance. When Kuok Siang found out about the FlexiMasters in Business Finance offered in Nanyang Business School, he jumped at the opportunity.

“The topics are very practical. They provide you a broad exposure to the different financial tools, principles and concepts” he observed. “And they also give you an interesting overview in the financial methods for corporate, investments, and even newer fields such as fintech and sustainable finance.”

For engineers with a very technical mindset, business finance insights are essential and beneficial for senior engineers as they progress in their job, especially when leading and managing a project.

“Without any financial and business acumen, engineers tend to think that it’s just a simple spreadsheet when it comes to business and finances. We would only care about manpower allocation and material resource management,” Kuok Siang admitted.

Career progression with FlexiMasters

“I am currently getting involved in tenders more frequently,” he shared, and it’s a welcomed change for Kuok Siang. “Previously, I didn't have the required skillset. So, I didn’t have the chance to get involved in tenders. But now, the opportunity is open for me.”

“With the FlexiMasters, I know the algorithm behind the spreadsheet, how engineers should recognise revenue earlier when managing multi-year projects for better cash inflow.”

Kuok Siang’s efforts paid off, and he was recently promoted to a Director.


FlexiMasters in Business Finance
The programme is suitable for anyone interested in finance but who had minimal exposure to this field at a tertiary academic level. 

Over five graduate courses, you will gain broad exposure to financial topics, including corporate finance and investments, plus newer fields such as fintech and sustainable finance.