Career transition with FlexiMasters in Business Finance

Having completed her Bachelor’s Double Degree in Accounting and Business with NTU, Varsha landed herself a job in one of the Big Four accounting firms. Work was enjoyable at first, but stagnation and lack of intellectual growth crept in. She has deep interest in finance and investments, but the humdrum routine at work could not keep up with her thirst for new knowledge.

She decided for a change in her career, and left her position a year into the job. But going from Accounting to Finance was not easy. “Accounting deals with the reporting of numbers in a financial statement, whereas Finance deals with using those numbers to make a decision,” Varsha explained.

“In my heart, I always thought that the finance kids were the smarter ones, and I always thought that I could never get to their level,” Varsha shared, reminiscing her days studying for her Bachelor’s degree. “It was a big insecurity of mine because of how they spoke, and how they analyzed the numbers. They just saw things I couldn't see.”

That is the reason why Varsha took up the FlexiMasters in Business Finance programme with Nanyang Business School during her brief career break. “I feel that I didn't give my best shot for my Bachelor’s degree, and the FlexiMasters came at a time when I wanted a second chance,” she said. “That was really important for me.”

A newfound confidence

During the programme, Varsha noticed a change. She gained confidence in herself. “I started to see a different side of me. It's not just the smart kids that can learn finance. In fact, anybody can if one puts their heart into it.”

“The FlexiMasters gave me a solid understanding of what Finance is,” Varsha added. She is now considering furthering her studies to become a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). “Once I knew that I could understand financial concepts, I knew that I can do the same for the CFA.”

Professional networking and opportunities through FlexiMasters

The icing on the cake was the new connections and camaraderie with her course mates. “I made friends with a diverse group of people through the FlexiMasters programme.”

Varsha’s connections with her course mates span both professional and personal fronts. “I know I can talk to them, and maybe I’ll even learn something new,” she said. “How they look at the world is completely different, and it is nice to see the world from different perspectives.”

Varsha has since secured a new job in the financial industry. “I have always wanted to lead a team in the banking industry, and I am very excited that I have embarked on this journey in my new role.”


FlexiMasters in Business Finance
The programme is suitable for anyone interested in finance but who had minimal exposure to this field at a tertiary academic level. 

Over five graduate courses, you will gain broad exposure to financial topics, including corporate finance and investments, plus newer fields such as fintech and sustainable finance.