Final Year Project

Studying Maths at NTU SPMS

Undergraduates majoring in the Mathematical Sciences may undertake a Final Year Project (FYP) in mathematics research, under the supervision of a faculty member, culminating in a written research thesis and presentation.

The FYP consists of the module MH4900 (Final Year Project; 8 AU), which can be read either during Year 3 or Year 4. The project will take two semesters; the student may choose to start the project at the beginning of either semester. Students admitted before AY21/22 who undertake the FYP are not allowed to take MH4903/MH4912 (Professional Internship), but are allowed to take MH4907 (Professional Attachment) as an Unrestricted Elective.

To undertake an FYP, a student must have a minimum CGPA of 3.5 (except for students in the Mathematical Sciences and Economics Double Major programme and in Mathematical and Computer Sciences programme, who are required to do FYP). Only students who receive a grade of A- or better in the FYP are eligible to graduate with Honours (Highest Distinction).

It is up to each student to find a supervisor. Refer to the Division of Mathematical Sciences faculty list for the research interests of the various faculty members.

You may also choose an interdisciplinary project with an external co-supervisor, but the main supervisor must be a faculty member in the Division of Mathematical Sciences. This includes students in the Double Major in Mathematical Sciences and Economics programme. As an exception, for students majoring in the old Mathematics and Economics programme, a faculty member from the School of Social Sciences (Division of Economics) can be the main supervisor.

Before the start of the semester in which you plan to start your FYP, you will receive an email with instructions about how to propose an FYP. Following the instructions in this email, you should prepare an FYP proposal, have it approved by your FYP supervisor, and submit it to the division before the start of the semester. If you did not receive the email, or have other queries, please contact SPMS Undergraduate Studies.

The assessment of the FYP is based on several components:

Submission of 5–7 page progress report to the supervisor and Division. Submission to be followed by a short (approximately 20 min) oral presentation to the supervisor. The progress report must be submitted together with the final thesis to the Division.
Deadline: Week 1 of FYP's second semester.
Submission of Thesis to the supervisor and Division for pre-examination by the FYP Committee.  The supervisor and FYP Committee can provide suggestions on how to improve the thesis before final submission.
Deadline: Week 12 of FYP's second semester.
Final Presentation (20 minutes for Presentation and Q&A), judged by the supervisor and another faculty member.
Submission of Final Thesis to supervisor and Division. (The student may revise the thesis based on feedback received during the pre-examination and Final Presentation.)

The final version of the thesis must be uploaded to the NTU Digital Repository (DR-NTU) for archiving. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Go to the NTU Digital Repository.
  2. Click on Login, and log in using your NTU Student Authentication. Do not use your full email address (omit the “” part), and do not specify an NTU domain name (omit “STUDENT\”).
  3. Click on “Start a New Submission”.
  4. Select “SPMS Student Report (FYP/IA/PA/PI)”, and follow the on-screen instructions to upload the thesis.

If you encounter any problems, please refer to the DR-NTU User Guide or email [email protected].

If an embargo or exemption is needed, follow these steps:

  1. Download and fill in the Request Form for Embargo or Exemption of Thesis/FYP.
  2. Get your supervisor to sign and endorse the request form.
  3. Email the completed request form to [email protected] and CC your supervisor.
  4. The Library will reply within three working days. Once approved,
    • For embargo, follow the Library’s instructions to submit and set the embargo for your work in DR-NTU.
    • For an approved exemption, you do not need to submit your work or the metadata record to DR-NTU.

For more details on the embargo and exemption policies for DR-NTU, please refer to the DR-NTU User Guide.