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Mathematical Sciences undergraduates in the BSc in Mathematical Sciences, BSc in Mathematical and Computer Sciences, or BSc in Mathematical Sciences and Economics programmes may opt to pursue a concentration in a specific area of study. At graduation, the School will issue a certificate acknowledging completion of the concentration.

There are two concentrations available: (i) Mathematics of Information and Communication and (ii) Computational Mathematics. Their requirements are listed below.

Note that pursuing a concentration is entirely optional.

Concentration in Mathematics of Information and Communication

Pass four courses from the following list:

MH3300 - Graph Theory4 AU
MH4310 Coding Theory4 AU
MH4311 - Cryptography4 AU
MH4510 - Statistical Learning and Data Mining4 AU
MAS711 - Discrete Methods4 AU
CZ4042/SC4001 - Neural Network and Deep Learning 3 AU

Concentration in Computational Mathematics

Pass four courses from the following list:

MH3310 - Mathematical Foundations of Game Theory4 AU
MH3400 - Algorithms for the Real World4 AU
MH3512 - Stochastic Processes4 AU
MH4110 - partial Differential Equations4 AU
MH4302 - Theory of Computing4 AU
MH4320 - Computational Economics4 AU
MH4514 - Financial Mathematics4 AU
MH4700 - Numerical Analysis II4 AU
MH4701 - Mathematical Programming4 AU
MH4702 - Probabilistic Methods in Operations Research4 AU
MH4711 - Mathematical Modelling in Imaging, Vision and Graphics4 AU
MH4730 - Mathematics in Biology & Medicine4 AU
MAS710 - Continuous Methods4 AU
MAS714 - Algorithms & Theory of Computing4 AU
CZ2101/SC2001 - Algorithms Design and Analysis3 AU
EE4476 - Image Processing3 AU