Current Course Offerings

SEMESTER 1, AY2024-25

The course syllabi are provisional and are subject to changes. To access the syllabus, please
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Course CodeCourse Title​Instructor​
What is History?
Park Hyung Wook
HH1002Asia-Pacific in Global History: Pre-1800Ivy Yeh
The West in Global History
Jennifer Cash
HH1125History & Archaeology: An IntroductionGoh Geok Yian
HH2001Singapore: The Making of a Cosmopolitan City-StateKoh Keng We
HH2004The Islamicate WorldEmma Flatt
HH2005Foundations of East AsiaTBC
HH2027Blood, Germs, & Sick Bodies: Biomedicine in HistoryPark Hyung Wook
HH2032Introduction to Cultural HistoryTBC
HH2046Urban HistoryMichael Yeo
HH3001Historiography: Theory & MethodsJessica Hinchy
HH3003Migration & Diaspora: Chinese Experiences in Comparative PerspectiveEls van Dongen
HH3007Southeast Asian-China InteractionsTBC
HH3017World Environmental HistoryTBC
HH3028Global History of CapitalismZhou Taomo
HH3041History of FeminismJessica Hinchy
HH3042Climate & Society in Historical PerspectiveTBC
HH3043China's Cultural Revolution as History & MemoryEls van Dongen
HH4005Culture and Heritage: Perspectives from HistoryTBC
HH4007International History of The Cold WarZhou Taomo
HH4021Public & Applied HistoryTBC
HH4030Prehistory & Archaeology in East & Southeast AsiaIvy Yeh
HH4046The Urban CoastMichael Yeo
HH4090Special Topics in History - Global AsiaEmma Flatt