Soh Art History offers undergraduate electives, a minor, a second major, and a double major in Art History (with English Literature). 


NTU’s Art History curriculum equips students with a thorough knowledge and critical awareness of the global histories of art, which are taught through lectures, seminars, field trips, practical projects, and encounters with practitioners. Students are trained in the methods and rigours of researching and writing about art, including the following specialisations:

  • Asian Art Histories
  • Contemporary Art and Theory
  • Curatorial Practice
  • Global Art Histories
  • Heritage Studies
  • Museum Studies
  • Western Art Histories

Students also benefit from the program’s relationships to professional arts spaces such as the Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA) and the ADM Gallery. With the inauguration of the M.A. in Museum Studies and Curatorial Practice in 2018, NTU is the ideal place to study Art History in Singapore.

Degree Programs

There are three degree-awarding components to the art history program at NTU. The Art History Minor Program, which caters to all NTU students, began in 2011-2012. The Art History Second Major program began in the academic year 2012-2013 and it is offered to all students in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. The third program is the double major program, English Language and Art History (ELAH) that began in 2016-2017. These diverse degree programs in Art History reflect the strengths of the Art History program at NTU and its strong commitment to the continued development of art history, museum studies, curatorial practice, and heritage studies in Singapore.

Career Pathways

Graduates will develop key transferable skills highly prized by employers, which include visual and critical thinking; cultural competence; and research, writing and communication skills. Careers in museums, art galleries, and auction houses as curators, educators, or managers in curating, interpreting, conserving, valuing, or auctioning works of art, antiques and other collectibles are common. Other careers include arts administrator, archivist, museum educator, picture editor or researcher, journalist, teacher or lecturer, and exhibition or events organiser.

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Hear from Our Graduates

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Art History_Sheryl Lee
Second Major in Art History

Sheryl Lee

The journey of a thousand miles began with the single step I took when I embarked on my second major in Art History at NTU. In the years that I had pursued my second major in Art History, I was introduced to the diversity of faiths and artistic traditions of Singapore and of the region at large. This, along with the historical training that I had received as a student of the History programme at NTU, forever reshaped my worldview and made me realise the importance of being able to synergise ideas and theories from across disciplines in one’s research endeavour. It is here, at NTU, where my interest in inter-faith art and architecture was seeded. Inspired and motivated by my experiences at NTU, I pursued my MA in the History of Art and Archaeology at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London, with a focus on Hindu-Buddhist traditions of Asia to further enrich my understanding of the cultural heritage that we have. These cumulative experiences cemented my desire to return to the institution that ignited this passion for my Doctorate studies. With its strength and niche as a school that promotes inter-disciplinary studies and critical thinking, I felt there is no better place to launch a cross-discipline study of the streets of inter-faith dialogue in Singapore than here.