As one of the best-known examples of a modern, vibrant and successful multilingual society, Singapore is uniquely positioned to promote academic studies of language and multilingualism. As no other tertiary institution in Singapore offers such an undergraduate programme, the Linguistics and Multilingual Studies (LMS) Programme at NTU is well placed to take on this challenge.

The LMS curriculum allows students to explore the many interesting facets of language and communication, from the properties of speech sounds to grammatical and discourse structure, from children's language development to communication in bilingual and multilingual societies.

​It encompasses a very wide range of topics: how a finite inventory of basic linguistic units is deployed to express an infinite variety of meanings, how we create meaning in interaction with others, how the bilingual and multilingual mind is structured, and how technology impacts upon people's everyday use of language, to mention just a few. ​  

TGIF Seminar Series

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The TGIF seminar series was established in March 2015 by Linguistics and Multilingual Studies Programme to give NTU linguists a platform to share their research. It also provides a forum for meaningful discussion of linguistics related topics. The initial target audience was NTU staff and students although this has now been expanded to include colleagues at NIE and NUS because of the interest generated by the earlier talks.