English offers a major and a minor in English literature, MA and PhD research degrees, and General Elective subjects to all NTU students. We also offer a creative writing minor.  English is a vital part of the university, and English graduates, equipped with valuable skills in creative and critical thinking, and the vital values of human understanding and empathy, have made significant contributions in the fields of the arts and education, the civil service and business sectors.

Our programme encourages innovative thought, open expression, and high levels of interaction and debate between academic staff and students with the aim of developing a thriving and exciting home for ideas and creativity. We promote contemporary approaches to literary study in a spirit of openness and intellectual discovery, while cultivating an environment that encourages adventurous thinking from a diversity of perspectives.

In addition to offering a full range of modules from established literary tradition, we are constantly alert to developments in contemporary literature and culture, including literary and cultural trends in Asia, global and transnational studies, as well as the emergence of creative writing as a rigorous academic discipline.

Our dedicated and experienced faculty possess a diverse range of research and teaching interests, and specializations. The curriculum we have developed fosters creative and critical engagement with human issues, and with diverse cultures and disciplines. We provide an inspirational environment in which students can become intelligent readers and writers committed to the pursuit and sharing of knowledge.

Creative Writing at NTU

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Creative Writing at NTU provides a range of offerings for undergraduate and graduate students, who benefit from innovative teaching, skilled mentorship and a stimulating environment of literary exchange. All courses are taught by practising and publishing writers, including the prominent local and international authors who regularly join the programme as guest teachers and Writers in Residence. Students can sample creative writing through individual undergraduate courses, pursue a Minor in Creative Writing​, undertake a creative Final Year Project and/or develop a major work through the graduate programme​.


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