Students' Take: The current MedSoc 2020/2021 Executive Committee picks up the baton

The current president of the 7th LKCMedicine Medical Society introduces his executive committee members and his plans for their term of office.

By Ashwin s/o Singaram, Class of 2021, President, MedSoc

On behalf of the 7th Medical Society executive committee (MedSoc ExCo), I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all of you for providing us the opportunity to serve the student body. This is a heavy responsibility that we will not take lightly. During our term, we hope to strengthen the bond within our community and make student life as vibrant as possible.

It is a privilege to follow in the footsteps of the 6th MedSoc ExCo consisting of Gabriel Tan, Ong Kim Yao, Angela Tham, Low Wei Yang, Kannan Ramanathan and Ng Ding Yi. Each one of them is an exemplary leader with immense fortitude and diligence. They have made tremendous strides in improving the MedSoc’s internal processes, found innovative methods to reach out to members, and have taken significant steps in addressing student well-being. To the outgoing ExCo, thank you for your innumerable contributions to the School and your peers.

At this juncture, I would like to introduce my team: Zenneth Lim (Year 4) as Vice-President, Jiang Xiu Ting (Year 2) as Secretary, Valerie Chan (Year 2) as Treasurer, Vemula Sri Sai Vishnu (Year 2) as Programmes Director and Christian Rong (Year 4) as Welfare Director.

We have four main goals this upcoming year: student engagement, organisational improvement, infrastructure renewal, and fostering togetherness. 

The efforts of previous MedSocs have led to a plethora of activities and opportunities for our students. This year, we want to find out how much students have benefitted from these initiatives and what they wish the MedSoc will do more of. My team and I will concentrate our efforts in reaching out to students from all five batches to understand their perspectives and concerns. Every organisation needs to take a step back once in a while to reassess its efforts, and we believe that this renewal process will elevate the MedSoc to even greater heights. 

Additionally, we will be reviewing and consolidating MedSoc’s internal processes to maximise efficacy. This has been a core tenet of each MedSoc, and we will strive to strengthen this culture of constant reflection. 

The student floor in the Clinical Sciences Building has been the pride and joy of students ever since it opened. The upkeep of this hub of activity has been less than ideal in the past, and we aim to change that during our term. We will work with the School and students to encourage greater ownership of these shared spaces. 

Medicine is not a journey that one walks alone. With a larger cohort of students and an increasing number of alumni, cultivating a sense of community becomes a more challenging task. In the hustle and bustle of medical school, it is the shared bonds of camaraderie that help keep one going. This ‘kampong’ spirit is unique to our School, and the MedSoc will work tirelessly to preserve and strengthen it even further. 

With our goals set out for the year, we are excited to get cracking on building a better MedSoc for our students. We hope that we can count on your support to make this a year to remember!