Editor's Corner: Celebrating the success of LKCMedicine research faculty

By Anne Loh, Assistant Director, Communications and Outreach 

In this issue about the achievements of LKCMedicine's female early career faculty, we look at the accolades, awards and grants they have won during the course of their research journey with the School. The number of female research talent has increased; no surprise as NTU puts schemes in place to attract and retain brilliant young minds into the ranks to bolster the university's research reputation.

While we celebrate the recent successes of these young assistant professors, it's timely to also welcome LKCMedicine's new Vice-Dean of Research on board. Professor Lim Kah Leong is a career scientist whose research focus is on Parkinson's disease, for which he has won a major national-level award last year. We get an upclose interview with him to find out more about his passion for science and research, and his plans for the School's research ambitions.

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