Global Change Ecology

Course Code: ES3306
Course Description:
This is an advanced course for students specializing in Ecology and Ecosystems. As such it builds on the knowledge students have acquired in their first two years in general, and ES2303 Introduction to Ecology in particular. The focus of the course is ecological effects of major global change phenomena on organisms, communities and whole ecosystems. Topics will include CO2 fertilization, N pollution, land use change, C sequestration, soil degradation, climate warming and more, with implications for sustainable management of resources we depend on for ecosystem services. Both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems will be considered but the main focus will be on terrestrial ecosystems. A major part of the course and assessment will be literature seminars based on research and review articles, where the students are expected to take active part in both presentations and discussions. In addition, the students will write multiple short discussion papers on course topics. Both oral and written assignments will emphasize good argumentation, taking multiple perspectives into account and formulating stable solutions. The high frequency of assessments, followed by feedback before the next similar assessment, is designed to allow for improvement of skills throughout the course. Working towards short deadlines, synthesising and evaluating information, applying knowledge, and presenting well underbuilt arguments and conclusions are very useful skills to have in real work situations, whether in academia or industry.
Year Taken: Year 3 or 4
Next Offered: To be decided
Prerequisite: ES2003, ES2303


Course Instructor: Kelly Andersen

Email: [email protected]

Office Location: N2-01c-69