Current Issues in Ecology

Course Code: ES3305
Course Description:
This is an advanced ecology course, and as such it builds on the foundations and theory that the students will have been exposed to in ecology courses in their first two years. Because it is an advanced course, the aim is to get the students to think critically and to apply their knowledge to new and unfamiliar situations, rather than just memorize facts. As such, the students will be introduced to a series of 12 cutting edge topics including those currently under debate, and will expected to critically assess them. A large part of the course will also be to write a review or opinion article on a fast moving topic in ecology.
Year Taken: Year 3 and 4
Semester Offered: Semester 2

Prerequisite: ES2303 Introduction to Ecology

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Course coordinator: Professor David Wardle

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Office Location: N2-01c-49