Published on 25 Sep 2020

Professor Tan Choon Hong Elected Fellow of the Singapore National Academy of Science

Professor Tan Choon Hong has been elected a Fellow of the Singapore National Academy of Science for his extensive contributions to the understanding of organic catalysis and for promoting chemistry in Singapore and beyond.

An internationally renowned chemist, Prof Tan serves as Chair of the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, and as the President of the Singapore National Institute of Chemistry. He is known for his original and outstanding contributions to the field of organocatalysis and ion-pairing catalysis. It is through the efforts of his research group that the scope of Bronsted base catalysis and halogen bonding in catalysis is now better understood. His work has won him numerous international awards including the Asian Core Lectureship Awards and the prestigious GSK-SNIC Organic Chemistry Award.

Internationally, Prof Tan promotes chemistry through his work with the Federation of Asian Chemical Societies (FACS). He was recently appointed a member of the board of directors for Commonwealth Chemistry.