Published on 30 Oct 2023

Nanyang Assistant Professor Chang Guoqing Wins Young Scientist Award 2023

Nanyang Assistant Professor Chang Guoqing, a faculty member at the School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), has received the 2023 Young Scientist Award. This prize recognizes his groundbreaking contributions to the study of quantum materials, particularly the development of topological quantum semimetals.

The Young Scientist Award is awarded annually by the Singapore National Academy of Science (SNAS) and National Research Foundation (NRF) to Singapore-based scientists and engineers, aged 35 or below, who have produced  outstanding research in their respective fields of expertise.

The award citation highlighted Nanyang Assistant Professor Chang’s development of a  comprehensive database of quantum materials, and cutting-edge computational techniques for predicting which of those materials can be used in technological applications. Notable outcomes of his research include the prediction of colossal and quantized photocurrents in chiral materials, and new methods for amplifying photocurrents in quantum materials.

Nanyang Assistant Professor Chang was also a recipient of the 2021 National Research Foundation Fellowship, and is rated by Clarivate as a Highly Cited Researcher in the field of physics.

SPMS warmly congratulates Nanyang Assistant Professor Chang for winning this award.