Current Course Offering

Semester 2, AY2023

Course Code
​​Course Title
HG2003Phonetics and PhonologyScott Moisik
HG2010Bilingualism and MultilingualismNg Bee Chin
HG2013Child LanguageFrancis C. K. Wong
HG2016Language and MusicRachel S.Y. Chen
HG2017Father & Mother Tongues: Languages of SE AsiaGeoffrey Benjamin
HG2023Language and GenderIvan Panović
HG2031History of EnglishLuke Lu
HG2033Introduction to Conversation AnalysisLim Ni Eng
HG2035Singapore's LanguagesTan Ying Ying
HG2052Language, Technology and the InternetLee Junwen
HG2099Languages of the WorldAlexander Coupe
HG3010Language and Communication DisordersFrancis C. K. Wong
HG3021Language ChangeTamisha Tan
HG3022Sociolinguistics of a RegionFrancesco Cavallaro
HG3023Anthropological LinguisticsHiram Ring
HG4014Designing Interactive Environments for LearningRachel S.Y. Chen
HG4015PsycholinguisticsAlice H. D. Chan
HG4021Language Shift and MaintenanceFrancesco Cavallaro
HG4023Language Planning and PolicyTan Ying Ying
HG4024Social Theories and LanguageLuke Lu
HG4028A Wor(l)d in Motion: The Sociolinguistics of GlobalizationIvan Panović
HG4043Language Universals and Language TypesLee Junwen
HG4049Semantic AnalysisHaoze Li
HG4071The Meat of Speech: The Anatomy and Physiology of Speaking and HearingScott Moisik
HG4072Field Methods and Linguistic DataTamisha Tan

Semester 1, AY2023

Course Code
​​Course Title
HG1001Mind and MeaningAlice H. D. Chan
HG2001Morphology and SyntaxAlexander Coupe
HG2002Semantics and PragmaticsLee Junwen
HG2020Language in SocietyIvan Panović
HG2034Structure of Modern EnglishTan Ying Ying
HG2017Father & Mother Tongues: Languages of SE AsiaGeoffrey Benjamin
HG2018Neurodiversity and Communicative DisabilitiesRachel S.Y. Chen
HG2024X-rated Linguistics: Language, Sexuality & DesireIvan Panović
HG2032Globalisation and World EnglishesFrancesco Cavallaro / Tan Ying Ying
HG2051Language and the ComputerHiram Ring
HG2092Analysing Spoken DiscourseLuke Lu
HG3005Statistics for PsycholinguisticsFrancis C. K. Wong
HG3021Language ChangeTamisha Tan
HG3031Methods in SociolinguisticsFrancesco Cavallaro
HG4011Language and the BrainFrancis C. K. Wong
HG4013Multilingualism Across the LifespanNg Bee Chin
HG4025Linguistic EthnographyLuke Lu
HG4031Multimodality in Situated ContextsRachel S. Y. Chen
HG4033Advanced Conversation AnalysisLuke K K
HG4052Speech Synthesis & RecognitionScott Moisik
HG4070Experimental PhoneticsScott Moisik