Current Course Offering

Semester 2, AY2021

Course Code
​​Course Title
​​Teaching Modes
HG0201Singapore's LanguagesLecture (On Campus)Tan Ying Ying
HG2003Phonetics and PhonologyLecture (On Campus)
Tutorials (On Campus)
Scott Moisik
HG2010Bilingualism and MultilingualismLecture (On Campus)
Tutorials (On Campus)
Ng Bee Chin
HG2013Child LanguageOn CampusFrancis Wong
HG2017Father-and-Mother tongues: Languages of SE AsiaOnlineGeoffrey Benjamin
HG2027Ecolinguistics: Language and the EnvironmentOn CampusIvan Panović
HG2031The History of EnglishOn CampusLuke Lu
HG2033Introduction to Conversation AnalysisOn CampusLim Ni Eng / KK Luke
HG2096What's in a text? - Analysing Written DiscourseOn CampusLuke Lu
HG2099Languages of the WorldOn CampusAlexander Coupe
HG3010Language and Communication DisordersOn CampusFrancis Wong
HG3021Language ChangeOn CampusF. Perono Cacciafoco
HG3022Sociolinguistics of a RegionOn CampusFrancesco Cavallaro
HG3023Anthropological LinguisticsOn CampusAlexander Coupe
HG4015PsycholinguisticsOn CampusAlice Chan
HG4021Language Shift and MaintenanceOn CampusFrancesco Cavallaro
HG4023Language Planning and PolicyOn CampusTan Ying Ying
HG4025Linguistics EthnographyOn CampusLuke Lu
HG4028A Wor(l)d in Motion: The Sociolinguistics of GlobalizationOn CampusIvan Panović
HG4044Language EvolutionOn CampusF. Perono Cacciafoco
HG4046Malay Linguistic 2: Dialectology and Language ContactOnlineGeoffrey Benjamin
HG4049Semantic AnalysisOn CampusF. Perono Cacciafoco
HG4071The Meat of Speech: the Anatomy and Physiology of Speaking and HearingOn CampusScott Moisik

Semester 1, AY2021

Course Code
​​Course Title
​​Teaching Modes
HG1001Mind and MeaningLecture (Online)
Tutorials (On Campus)
Alice H.D. Chan
HG2001Morphology and SyntaxLecture (Online)
Tutorials (On Campus)
Alexander Coupe
HG2002Semantics and PragmaticsLecture (Online)
Tutorials (On Campus)
Francis Bond
HG2020Language in SocietyLecture (Online)
Tutorials (On Campus)
Ivan Panović
HG2034Structure of Modern EnglishLecture (Online)
Tutorials (On Campus)
Tan Ying Ying
HG2021Intercultural Communication​On CampusHyejeong Ahn
​HG2023Language and Gender​On CampusIvan Panović
​HG2032Globalisation and World Englishes​On Campus​Tan Ying Ying / Francesco Cavallaro
​HG2051Language and the Computer​On CampusFrancis Bond
HG2092Analysing Spoken DiscourseOn Campus
Luke Lu
HG2094Word of Mouth: Transmission of Oral Culture​On CampusF. Perono Cacciafoco
HG2095Codes from the Past: A General Introduction to the History of Cryptography​On Campus​F. Perono Cacciafoco
HG3005Research Methods in Linguistics II - Statistical Analysis​On CampusFrancis C. K. Wong
​HG3021Language Change​On CampusF. Perono Cacciafoco
HG3031Methods in Sociolinguistics​On CampusFrancesco Cavallaro
HG3043Malay Linguistics 1 - History and Structure​OnlineGeoffrey Benjamin
HG4011Language and the BrainOn CampusFrancis C.K. Wong
HG4013Multilingualism Across the Lifespan​On CampusNg Bee Chin
HG4031Multimodality in Situated ContextsOn CampusLuke Lu
HG4033Advanced Conversation AnalysisOn CampusLim Ni Eng
​HG4043Language Universals and Language Types​On CampusAlexander Coupe
​HG4052Speech Synthesis and RecognitionOn CampusScott Moisik
​HG4062Language, Culture and Society in Southeast AsiaOnlineGeoffrey Benjamin
Experimental Phonetics
On Campus
Scott Moisik