History and Linguistics and Multilingual Studies

Undergraduates will read both LMS and History, benefiting from the expertise and resources of both programmes. 

The Linguistics and Multilingual Studies curriculum allows students to explore the many interesting facets of language and communication, from the properties of speech sounds to grammatical and discourse structure, from children’s language development to communication in bilingual and multilingual societies. Thanks to the rigorous training in analyzing and interpreting various aspects of language use and human communicative behavior, the graduates become attuned to the intricacies of human interaction and intercultural communication, thus becoming effective communicators with a range of transferable skills that are applicable across different careers.

The History curriculum seeks to train students to not only think critically but also to apply interdisciplinary methods to identify and address contemporary problems from historical perspectives. History graduates will master the secondary literature in their chosen areas of study, engage in independent research, exercise critical judgment about the texts that they encounter, and communicate their findings in a well-reasoned and scholarly manner.

To graduate, students must complete three (3) categories of requirement, totalling at least 138 Academic Units (AUs):

    programme structure

    *Students who are eligible to do the FYP will be strongly encouraged to do an inter-major FYP.  Students whose GPAs fall in a certain range can choose whether or not to do the FYP. Students who do not do the FYP must clear 8 AUs of PEs (two 4000-level courses, one from each discipline) within the double major.

    Please click here to view the curriculum for Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Double Major - History and Linguistics and Multilingual Studies.