English and Philosophy

Undergraduates read both Philosophy (PHIL) and English Literature (ELH), benefiting from the expertise and resources of the two disciplines from the School of Humanities (SoH). 

The Philosophy curriculum allows students to explore, in a rigorous, systematic, and critical manner, fundamental problems about the nature of knowledge, reality, existence, mind, language, science, and morality. The curriculum includes a solid foundation in both eastern and western traditions of philosophy, and prepares students for the application of philosophy to the challenges of modern society. Graduates will be equipped with the ability to critically analyze complex concepts and arguments, the ability to argue logically and effectively, to express themselves clearly, along with grounding in a diversity of intellectual traditions. 

For English Literature, students will focus both on traditional historical periods and on contemporary innovative approaches to the subject. Specialisations offered include all the major literary periods, Singaporean and Asian literatures, critical and literary theory, cultural studies, film studies, drama, postmodernism, and gender studies. Students will be equipped with an outstanding command of the language, and they are skilled in analyzing critical narratives both within and beyond the literary realm making them suitable candidates for careers that require strong analytical skills and language proficiency.

To graduate, students must complete three (3) categories of requirement, totalling at least 148 Academic Units (AUs):

programme structure

*Students who are eligible to do the FYP will be strongly encouraged to do an inter-major FYP.  Students whose GPAs fall in a certain range can choose whether or not to do the FYP. Students who do not do the FYP must clear 8 AUs of PEs (two 4000-level courses, one from each discipline) within the double major.

Please click here to view the curriculum for Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Double Major - English and Philosophy.