News: LKCMedicine Dean deepens engagements with the community

Since his appointment as Dean in April this year, Professor Joseph Sung has been actively engaging LKCMedicine’s community through various events and platforms. He has met the local media and established regular communications with students.

On 23 August, Prof Sung hosted a group of reporters to a tour of the School’s top-notch education and research facilities. The media engagement served as a platform for Prof Sung to share his vision for LKCMedicine and provided an opportunity to showcase our world-renowned curriculum and ground-breaking research.

Reporters from The Straits Times, Lianhe Zaobao and TODAY were given insights into LKCMedicine’s innovative approach to team-based learning and anatomy teaching at the Learning Studio and the Anatomy Learning Centre. They also visited the Pathnova Laboratories @ LKCMedicine where they saw first-hand the use of automation for large scale testing in our battle against COVID-19, followed by a briefing on the Health for Life in Singapore (HELIOS) study, which aims to identify environmental, lifestyle and genetic factors that cause heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other chronic diseases locally. 

Over lunch with the journalists, Prof Sung shared his thoughts on medical education, why he took on the role of Dean at LKCMedicine, and his experience with the SARS outbreak. He also emphasised the research focus at LKCMedicine and highlighted the School’s cutting-edge research projects.

Launch of Dean’s Blog 

On 1 September, Prof Sung launched the Dean’s Blog on the LKCMedicine website to share his thinking about the medical profession, ethics and humanity in Medicine.  Through this monthly blog, he hopes to communicate regularly with students, both undergraduate and postgraduate, on his values and experience as a doctor.

In his first blog post titled “A Good Doctor or a Great Doctor”, Prof Sung wrote about the importance of the humanity side of Medicine.

The October blog post shared his personal stories about why “Care is Better than Cure”.

Read the Dean’s blog here.