Students' Take: The highlights and most underrated experiences through the MBBS years: according to LKCMedicine students

Leo Wen Zhe, Class of 2023:
Highlight: Freshmen Orientation Programme (FOP) remains the highlight of the year. Beyond those four days, we will never truly experience again being led by orientation group leaders in cheers, compete

against each other in a friendly setting and meet new friends through camp. The FOP is where I met some of my closest friends in university who have continued to help me in medical school.

Experience: Living in Crescent and Pioneer Halls made it possible to try out new ventures. There is no minimum requirement when you try out a new sport, performing art or game. The hectic co-curricular activities in low-stress settings, late-night suppers and heart-to-heart talks on campus are some of the things that most of us experience once in our lives. 

Ameya Subodh Mhaisalkar, Class of 2022:
Highlight: Becoming International Relations Head in LKCMedicine Medical Society allowed me to interact with student-partners from Imperial. It was great to be able to expand my horizons. In LKCMedicine, students have the opportunity to take up multiple leadership roles and really challenge themselves in a nurturing and collaborative environment.

Experience: The most underrated experience would have to be Peanut Butter & Jam (PBnJ), which is a talent show by students, for students. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of talent on display and
the support shown by all the students who came to watch. It really felt like a big, tight-knit family. Definitely something you don’t want to miss.

Ong Pei Wen, Class of 2021:
Highlight: Being able to apply the knowledge learnt in our pre-clinical years, and interacting with patients
who let us practise our examination skills. Positive interactions with peers, doctors and other healthcare
professionals really help us to grow. Conversations with patients remind us that they are more than just
their condition or disease; with many social factors and issues in play which can’t be solved by simply
curing the disease, there is a need to approach the problem from many different perspectives.

Experience: The most underrated experience would be the simulation sessions in our Anaesthesiology and
Internal Medicine postings. It felt strange to interact with a mannequin, but I enjoyed the opportunity to
work with my team in order to solve various problems in a setting that wasn’t a TBL session! I’m glad
we could make mistakes in a safe and controlled environment and get a sense of the scenarios we
might face in the future.

Kok Cheng Yit, Zachary, Class of 2020:
Highlight: The postings in Year 4 offer a new perspective to medicine as it shows us a more holistic approach to caring for patients. Besides academic work, one of the most memorable experiences would be having the chance to once again perform alongside my friends in probably our last PBnJ performance of our
School life.

Experience: Having to change locations frequently for each posting can be exhausting but on the bright side, at least it gives opportunities to explore the food across Singapore (when time permits).

Ken Chua Kai Yang, Class of 2019:
Highlight: The biggest highlight for me this year was the moment when A/Prof Tham Kum Ying announced
to all of us gathered in the seminar room that our MBBS passed as a batch! Everyone literally shed blood, sweat and tears prepping for finals and we’ve already gone though so much together. It was quite an amazing moment receiving the news together that we’ll be moving on as a batch.

Experience: Joining teams of amazing junior and senior doctors who really care about our learning, and take the time to help us prepare for the next step of our career. On top of that, it’s always nice to see our seniors around the wards and hear from them their experiences or tips to survive life as a House Officer.